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Which TV is best: PLASMA or LCD?

Which TV is best: PLASMA or LCD?

When you're shopping for a flat panel TV for your TV Lift Cabinet, there are several of factors to consider. Your priority should be the type of display. While large boxy, heavy CRTs are long dead and huge rear-projection HDTVs are extinct, the HDTV market currently offers three choices in TV technologies: plasma, traditional CCFL-backlit LCD, and LED-backlit LCD. For years, the question of which technology is best has remained unanswered.

The Basics: What's the Difference Between LCD, LED, and Plasma?

While all three mount to our TV Lift Cabinets, the three technologies are completely different, particularly with how each screen is lit. In plasma for TV Lift Cabinets, the phosphors that create the picture on the screen light up themselves, and do not require back lights. For LCD TVs, the liquid crystal screen does not illuminate which requires a separate light source.

Picture Quality:

How good the picture looks, especially if you're a heavy user, is the most vital aspect of any HDTV. Specifically, white and black levels determine how detailed an image will appear. White levels do not matter quite as much,

The Verdict:

If you can afford the best, LED-backlit high definition TVs are the way to go. They're paper thin, energy efficient, and can produce a great detailed picture. If you're on a budget, look for a good quality plasma screen. They require lots of power, but you can get a beautiful TV experience for not nearly as much money.