The Best TV Lift Cabinets for Small Spaces

Just because your space may be small does not mean that you should rule out a TV lift cabinet. There are plenty of space-saving cabinets available that are perfect for concealing your TV and AV components.

When shopping for a TV lift cabinet that will be placed in a small space, consider ‘Foot of the Bed’ TV lift cabinets. Foot of the Bed cabinets tend to have a smaller design than cabinets that are meant to be placed against the wall (do not let the name mislead you! Foot of the Bed cabinets can still be used against the wall as well. Their name comes from the fact that they are finished on all four sides). Against the wall cabinets are usually quite deep as built-in storage sits in front of the compartment that houses your TV. This configuration creates a larger cabinet that takes up quite a bit of space. However, Foot of the Bed cabinets are configured in a way that eliminates extra depth creating a narrower, sleeker design. If the cabinet has built-in storage, typically the storage would be in the form of drawers at the cabinet’s base.

Some cabinets come with a slightly different style lift mechanism built-in that features a component shelf. The shelf is mounted to the lift just below where your TV sits and it raises and lowers along with your TV. This style lift is perfect for when you are trying to save space. The component tray takes away the need for AV component storage therefore no extra space is taken up by storage drawers.

TV lift cabinets are a great solution for concealing your TV and incorporating attractive, functional design in a small space.