We love our TVs. We have loved them since they were first introduced in the 1950’s when the only available picture option was black-and-white.

Things have changed a great deal since the early days of TV…but not our love for it! Entire rooms are now built around the TV-viewing experience. Many people have moved away from the traditional TV console and entertainment center; just as TV design has become increasingly streamlined, so has the furniture that houses our televisions.

Sleek TV stands are now manufactured in various sizes and shapes, offering everything from adjustable shelves to removable back panels for accessing the TV’s rear wiring unit.

Another option, offering greater space efficiency and safety than a TV stand, is a mounted TV. TV mounts are ideal for active families, because the TV itself remains “out of reach” for the toddlers and 4-legged family members, which means there is little chance of the TV – or your loved ones, being hurt. In 2006, 10 children died as a result of a television falling on them.

Mounted TV units are also wonderful space-savers. Since floor space is no longer required (usually the TVs are mounted to a wall or to the ceiling), the room in which you gather to watch TV together just got bigger! TV mounts are idyllic for kitchens and bathrooms, where counter space is at a premium!

Perhaps the ultimate in TV furniture upgrades is a TV lift cabinet or console. TV lifts use state-of-the art technology to manage your television and all of its accoutrements (including the cable box, the DVD player, TiVo, etc.)

Available in various operating methods (rack and pinion or telescopic design), TV lifts allow you to “lift” your TV to a specific viewing height using Infrared technology, with the simple push of a button. When TV time is over, another button push lowers the TV back into its cabinet or console for safe keeping until you want to watch again.

TV lift cabinets and consoles can be created to match your room’s décor, too. Research manufacturers who specifically offer TV cabinet/console customization, including wood tones and design motifs, for a seamless addition to your home!