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A Motorized TV Lift: Convenience + Style

Motorized television lifts are a terrific convenience that preserves the style of a room by hiding large screen TVs and monitors, bringing them out at the push of a remote control button. Installing a motorized TV lift isn’t without risks – but it can be, with our uniquely simple, patent-pending design on our Uplift motorized TV lift models.

Installing a motorized TV lift isn’t without risks – but it can be, with our uniquely simple, patent-pending design on our Uplift motorized TV lift models.

With Other Styles, the Problems Come at the Beginning

If there is a problem with motorized TV lifts, it crops up at the beginning.

Installation for a motorized TV lift with other designs can take as long as two hours and some physical strength to install the TV. The TV is laid face-down on the floor and installed, by eye and backwards, on a track, then the set is wrestled onto the motorized TV lift frame. If the TV is installed improperly, it can slam into the bottom of the cabinet.

And then comes the maintenance. Other motorized TV lift styles use steel gears on steel tracks – creating friction, potentially noise, and wear. The motorized television lift has to be lubricated to work, yet there is frequently no way to get to the frame without disassembling the TV lift entirely.

If a component ever breaks, then a service tech has to diagnose the problem, find a replacement part, and then wait. And wait. Sometimes as long as a month before the part comes in – all the time leaving the motorized TV lift stuck in position.

Without the right design, a motorized TV lift is not the convenience it is supposed to be.

Made - and Designed - by the Best

We have designed TV cabinets for over three decades and have designed our own motorized TV lifts for over a decade, making us one of the oldest motorized TV lift companies in the US. Our motorized TV lifts have been used by furniture makers, yacht makers, motor homes, and architects. That level of experience has helped us know exactly what goes wrong – and what can go right – with motorized TV lifts.

Our Uplift motorized TV lift series has patent-pending engineering with an eye toward two goals: performance and silence.

We based the Uplift motorized TV lift on commercial-quality construction:

  • Welded and stamped industrial-grade steel
  • A heavy-duty rack and pinion frame
  • Four polymer, self-lubricating gears running noiselessly along two tracks
  • Quick movement, traveling 28" in 30 seconds
  • A simple profile that can fit in almost any cabinet, from a midcentury modern chest of drawers to an ultramodern desk

The design of our motorized TV lift products creates an extremely stable range of movement even for large TV screens. Even better, the Uplift motorized TV lift has a patented platform frame, which helps you install the TV perfectly level and at the right height. Two bolts, about 10 minutes, and you're done.

After it's installed, our motorized TV lift doesn't require any additional maintenance:

  • Polymer gears reduce friction and require no lubrication.
  • A separate box houses all of the electronic components for the motorized TV lift. If there is ever a problem with the TV lift operation, simply unclip the box and send it back. We’ll quickly send a replacement box. There is no need for a service call, no tools, and no long wait for diagnostics and replacement parts. Other lifts can take over a month to repair, leaving them stuck; ours takes about 48 hours.

We designed every aspect of the Uplift motorized TV lift, oversee its manufacture to our precise specifications, and have the testing to prove its quality. Certified Laboratories have tested our motorized TV lift units on continuous cycles, equaling 17 years’ of use without ever breaking.

From high traffic living rooms to high tech conference rooms, an Uplift motorized TV lift does exactly what it promises – silent, reliable movement at a single click.