A pop-up TV lift cabinet provides its owner many fine advantages. Many of them have been noted in all the positive reviews ImportAdvantage receives for its TV lift cabinets, but here is a list of why you should own a pop-up TV cabinet.

A TV lift cabinet can save you much-needed space in any room. Much less bulky than a clunky entertainment center, a pop-up TV cabinet can easily store your TV, media players and all the media you watch or play. And when not in use, each of your electronics is stored behind hand-crafted hardwoods.

It keeps your devices safe. Do you have dogs that like to chew or kids that like to draw? Keeping your TV and DVD player out of sight when not in use makes it virtually inaccessible for those curious kids or dogs running around the room. Media players remain behind closed doors, but are still ready for use 24/7 thanks to the Infrared Relay System, standard on every model.

Another advantage that comes from an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is that your TV is always lifted and lowered in near silence. The powerful Heavy Duty Lift Mechanism in all pop-up TV cabinets is among the quietest in the industry, so you’ll never think twice about displaying your TV when you’re ready for a good movie or your favorite show.

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