A California company, Prysm, has released the next “big thing” in television technology, literally and figuratively - a quad HD laser TV, or LPD (laser phosphor display). It works by bouncing laser beams off phosphor pixels embedded in a glass and plastic screen. The result is a television that is low in power consumption (using one-tenth of what a plasma flat screen TV uses) but able to display the absolute sharpest image on a screen, and the screen can come in any size – from a “jumbo-tron” or as small as one might ever need. The “jumbo-tron” screens are already in use in Europe.

The lower energy consumption in the TV is due to not needing to stimulate the darker regions of the TV screen, which also allows the LPD to remain cool to the touch no matter how long it’s been on.

The downside, though, is that the LPD quad HD TV won’t be available as a slim flat screen anytime soon, which means for the time being, you won’t be able to house one in a state-of-the-art ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet. Since the technology for laser televisions is now on the market, it won’t be long before the market demands the TV sets to be slimmed down. When that happens, ImportAdvantage will still be the leader in pop-up TV cabinets and will have the right handcrafted TV lift cabinet for your LPD.