Last month, Panasonic announced that its line of 2010 VIERA CAST televisions is now capable of streaming Netflix movies without the need for an external streaming device. This new capability complements the VIERA CAST’s current ability to connect users to Skype, Twitter, Pandora, Picasa and local weather and news.

Netflix currently has about 15 million members and is the largest subscription service for streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet. Previously, Netflix members could only stream movies and TV episodes via a computer, capable gaming console (i.e. XBOX 360) or a streaming device (Roku player). Now, with the VIERA CAST, movies can be viewed from the comfort of a home TV and more room will be available in one’s entertainment center or TV lift cabinet.

Imagine, having more room in your ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet to store DVDs, games, books or keepsakes. These fine handcrafted pop-up TV cabinets are already generous in their storage space, but by being able to reduce the need for another media player for streaming Netflix movies and television shows, makes an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet a great fit for Panasonic’s 2010 VIERA CAST line of HDTVs.