Perhaps you or your spouse inherited an antique curio cabinet or china hutch, but you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Putting it in storage seems disrespectful, and selling it is out of the question. But it doesn’t match any of your other furniture and you’re not excited about it drawing attention away from your other fine furniture pieces. What’s the answer?

The answer is to make it the focal point of any room by converting it to a custom TV lift cabinet with an ImportAdvantage Uplift mechanism, which quietly raises and lowers your flat-screen TV with the touch of a button. With models available that lift TVs up to 150 pounds, it’s easy to find one perfectly suited to your family heirloom.

By creating a custom TV lift cabinet, you’ve just turned a potential eyesore into eye candy. Your guests will be amazed by how you made a dated piece of furniture into a modern work of art.

With how easy it is to install an Uplift mechanism, you may start spending your weekends antiquing, looking for that next great piece of history you can highlight in your home.