While we make every effort to build TV lift cabinets that can accommodate a wide variety of media players and wiring, a few combinations of DVD players and surround sound systems may be a tight squeeze in a TV lift cabinet, but don’t worry, we have easy solutions for you.

First, double-check the measurements listed for the TV lift cabinet you are planning to purchase. You can do this easily with our Measurement Guide. For cabinet depth, most of our models have 16” shelves, and for some that might not provide enough clearance in the back, so here’s what you can do to make your media players fit.

If your cables protrude too much from the back of your media player, we recommend purchasing 90-degree angle connectors for all your cables which will shorten them greatly. These connectors can be found at most electronics stores.

But if this still doesn’t allow you enough room in your TV lift cabinet, you can clear up more space by making a simple cut. The partition walls in our TV lift cabinets is only 5/8” thick, and cutting a clearance hole for you media player cables will give you the extra needed space with minimal effort.

If you are still concerned that your media players won’t fit, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff before making a purchase, as we may be able to provide some additional tips for your situation.