ImportAdvantage specializes in top-quality TV lifts and pop-up TV cabinets. It is an industry we have led since 2003, culminating from over 25 years experience building and designing custom furniture, and we have a lot of confidence in our products. So when we see other products on the market that are meant to move or hide your TV, we like to illustrate what makes our TV lifts the best in design and functionality.

Some companies are now offering flip-down TV lifts, which fold down to expose a TV from the ceiling. Before you consider purchasing one of these, consider for a moment some of the limitations inherit in their design.

First, these types of flip-down TV lifts are typically limited to handling small TVs. Some can hold larger TVs (up to 200 lbs.), but only if your ceiling is capable of securing that much weight. And installing a flip-down TV lift is committing your TV to only one spot in the house, viewable from only one angle. What if you put one in your bedroom and a few months later you want to rearrange your bedroom suite? It’s not easy to move a flip-down TV lift once it has been installed. If you had a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage, you could move it just as easily as any other piece of bedroom furniture.

Another drawback of the flip-down TV lift is that your TV is still visible when not in use. Part of the beauty of a handcrafted TV lift cabinet is that it completely hides your TV when you are not using it. And what about your media players? They fit nicely in an ImportAdvantage cabinet, but where do they go on a flip-down TV lift – nowhere.

So before you settle on a flip-down TV lift, consider these limitations and check out our full line of beautifully crafted TV lift cabinets.