Is the house feeling a little crowded with new gifts and loved ones? Why not gather everyone around your new (or existing) TV lift cabinet and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying a good movie. TV lift cabinets bring your TV to new heights with their pre-installed, heavy duty TV lift mechanisms, which also raises your TV to greater heights than a traditional entertainment center or TV stand. This makes your TV more viewable in any room (Tip: for the greatest viewing angle, consider a plasma flat-screen TV over an LCD TV).

If you’re really wanting impress your guests, there’s nothing better during the holidays than an ImportAdvantage Remington (Electric Fireplace) TV Lift Cabinet, which features a built-in 33” electric fireplace controlled by a dimmer switch. Your TV is completely protected from the fireplace by a firebox.

As your guests get ready to depart, you’ll want to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones, and the sight of a flat-screen TV rising quietly out of a beautifully crafted TV lift cabinet will certainly make for a memorable experience lasting through the New Year and beyond.