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Owning a TV lift cabinet, either a custom-built one or a handcrafted model from ImportAdvantage, is a statement of fine taste, convenience and durability. With the touch of a button, a TV lift can quietly raise or lower your flat-screen TV in less than 40 seconds. But do you know how strong your TV lift is and what size TV it can hold? Whether you already own one or are considering purchasing a TV lift, read over this run-down of how far a TV lift mechanism can go.

Available in five different models, the ImportAdvantage Uplift series of TV lifts, can accommodate a wide range of TV weights and sizes, which means you can shop for the right one to fit your needs. Why spend more money for features you don’t need? All Uplift mechanisms feature a universal TV mounting bracket, so you’ll know that your TV will install easily without needing a bunch of additional, specialized equipment.

Constructed with a rack and pinion lift system, the same technology trains use to climb steep inclines while carrying heavy loads, the TV lift will likely outlast your TV.

For smaller flat-screen TVs, the Uplift 2700 will house a TV weighing up to 130 pounds ranging from 32” – 36”, and its travel distance is 22.5”. It will also raise your TV in 23 seconds.

Moving up, the Uplift 3250 will hold a TV between 32” – 46” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds. It can travel 28” in only 30 seconds.

The ImportAdvantage Uplift 3500 can accommodate TVs between 32” – 50”, also weighing up to 130 pounds. Its 30.5” travel distance is reached in 35 seconds.

The Uplift 3700 will hold a TV up to 52” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds. It covers nearly 33” of travel distance in 37 seconds.

For the largest flat-screen TVs, the Uplift 3875 can quietly move a 60” TV weighing up to 150 pounds in 39 seconds, traveling nearly 35” up or down.

ImportAdvantage offers numerous models of their Uplift systems so you can enjoy TV lift technology no matter what TV, or TV lift cabinet, you own. All models have proven to yield years of solid, reliable performance at an unbeatable price. With ImportAdvantage, the customer buys direct from the manufacturer, and the result is significant savings! In fact, customers can save as much as 62% off their next TV lift when buying direct from the factory at ImportAdvantage.com. Don’t wait, save today!