This week we bring to you the Kensington.  The Kensington TV lift cabinet is the epitome of sophistication.  This cabinet features a rich warm, inviting brown finish that beautifully showcases the quality of the wood grain.

The Kensington cabinet’s front doors open up to plenty of storage space to tuck away electronic equipment, movies, toys, and games.  The center drawer  of cabinet comes with interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels for those who wish to house center channel speakers or a single speaker surround system.  The cabinet features a heavy duty built-in, rack and pinion lift mechanism that quietly raises and lowers television. The lift mechanism is designed to accommodate TVs up to 55".

The KensingtonTV lift cabinet  also features  our Infrared Relay System.  With our IR system, you can operate your electronics without having to see them.  The electronics can remain out of sight behind cabinet doors.  Simply sit back and enjoy!