In my opinion, living in Florida is great. Warm weather, (almost) always sunny and the beach is never too far away. That said, I was born and raised in Canada. So while I despise most things winter, fall is such a cozy and colorful time of year that it makes me nostalgic for my time up north. When the leaves change color, the air is crisp but not frigid and the smell of wood-burning fireplaces is in the air – I love it! While we don’t have wood-burning fireplace TV lift cabinets (that might not work out so well…), we do have a large selection of electric fireplace TV lift cabinets that are especially popular this time of year.

For those more into a modern design, we have three different fireplace TV lift cabinets for you to choose from:  Soho Espresso, Soho Caramel and Loft. Soho features two drawers at the base of the cabinet where you can store your electronic components. Although your components are stored in the drawers, you can still control them via the built in IR system. Loft has a cubby cutout along the top of the cabinet where you can store your components with additional storage on each side of the fireplace.

For those with more traditional taste, we have Remington Brown, Remington White and Huntington. Like their modern counterparts, Remington has two drawers at the base for components while Huntington has a cubby along the top.

All our electric fireplace TV lift cabinets allow you to control the temperature and the flame. A built-in partition wall separates your TV from the fireplace so your TV and electronics are 100% protected. Order your electric fireplace TV lift cabinet today so you can be sure you to have it in time for the holidays to wow your family and friends!