The world is becoming a pretty scary place these days and many families are sticking close to home, seeking solace and support from those they love the most. It may be time to look at each room in your home and find ways to remove things that can add stress to your life. Let’s start with the bedroom. Everyone knows that you spend approximately one-third of your life in your bedroom (or pretty close to that), so adding comfort and removing items that cause alarm. The first thing you need to do to add more calm to your bedroom is to declutter. As I started writing this today, I took a look at our master bedroom. No matter how hard I try, there’s always a stack of something on the dressers, clothes hanging in odd places, papers waiting to be filed – you know the drill. My sister’s idea of decluttering is to buy more plastic tubs – and hide the mess. I think she now has 50 tubs – and no less clutter. But that’s a hoarding story, so let’s stick to the topic. Decluttering – truly getting rid of things that you don’t use or need – requires thought and attention. There should be a space for everything – and everything should be in its place. Mother Earth Living has some great tips to help you. One way to add some storage to your bedroom is to consider investing in a TVLiftCabinet. If you have a television in your bedroom, it’s great if you can remove it from your view before going to sleep so it’s not a distraction. One click and it’s out of sight and out-of-mind. Plus it provides great storage nooks for other electronic gadgets, DVDs, books, etc. Adding a calming scent to the room can also help to create your oasis. I keep lavender oil in my bed stand. I splash a few drops on my pillowcase before I go to bed. It instantly relaxes me. Citrus and Eucalyptus are also calming scents. Fresh flowers can produce the same impact, depending on the season. I love lilacs, gardenias and other flowers that take you to a place of beauty. The colors in your room can also make a huge impact on your mood. Calming colors, like grey, beige or cream, are perfect for creating a relaxing oasis. Bold colors, like red or dark green, add energy and make it difficult for some people to find balance. Finally, make sure you have the proper lighting in your bedroom. If you live in a home with lots of windows, the bedroom windows should have a shade or the ability to close blinds when it’s time for sleep. These are just a few easy tips to help you find peace and better slumber all year long. Namaste´