Let’s face it. 2017 has been a tough year for everyone. Natural disasters have taken a toll on many families and friends. The political climate is crazy. And many people have started clinging to each other to find some peace. As the holiday seasons approach, I’m vowing to simplify things, to allow for more meaningful conversations and less noise. With three children (and their spouses) and four grandchildren, that can be difficult (but not impossible). So, I’m planning now to make this season our best holiday yet – and mom (grandma) controls the TV time this year. One thing I’m doing is to create “safe” zones in my home – places where people can relax without external noise and video games. I have several locations in my home with no televisions, but there are other times it would be useful to have a smart television in certain spots to put on shows for the little kiddos. So, I’m looking at TVMirrors to solve the issue of having a large television dominate a space. They’re great because they’re beautiful mirrors when turned off – and a perfectly functional smart TV when you turn them on. You control the space and the timing of when the time is right.