The digital world is so complex, dynamic and fast that many people crave an environment that is aesthetically reduced to balance us. Many interior designers believe that symmetry can change the atmosphere of your home. We’ve all experienced that feeling of looking at a room and having our breath taken away by its beauty or that sense of serenity that you don’t experience anywhere else in the universe. Symmetrical design is key to making that feeling happen in every space in your home. According to the Gestalt Psychology, though our eyes take in separate pieces of information, our brains boil all of it down into a singular, simpler, recognizable pattern. As far as interiors are concerned, this means that we see rooms as a whole – a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom – before we can focus on the individual design elements themselves. We love balanced designs because they keep the amount of information that our brains need to process to a minimum. So, where do you start?
  • Instead of overloading your home with heavy furniture and knick knacks, the trend is to carefully select pieces for each space.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary items and focus on the important things makes it easier to achieve that all-important symmetry.
  • Make sure each piece adds value to a space. Does it provide beauty and function? One idea might be to consider a beautiful TV Lift Cabinet Kit that’s finished on all four sides. It can be placed anywhere in a room, even as a divider. The hand-crafted design makes it a stunning statement piece, but it also features a fully-functioning flatscreen television.
  • Test each piece in different settings to see which option provides the most symmetry.
  • Create quiet zones in every space, where electronic and human noise is kept low. The TV Lift Cabinet can help here, too. In addition to adding beauty, it provides important storage to keep clutter to a minimum and cancel the electronic buzz.
Next time you walk in the door, check out each room to see if you experience peace and balance. If the answer is no, it may be time to apply some of that Gestalt Psychology and discover how symmetry can add that extra something that makes your home spectacular.