There are many places to find great home décor ideas. You can head to the closest home furnishing store. Check out the Parade of Homes in your community. Visit with some interior designers. Attend some open houses. Or, you can stay in your comfy clothes, find your favorite lounger and do what we do, head to Pinterest.

With more than 200 million active users, Pinterest is a great place to discover home décor ideas. You simply search for the room (or rooms) that you’re planning to update, and voila – the ideas come to you wherever you are in the world. Simply stroll through a world of design possibilities to help you discover your own perfect style.

Are you considering a refreshed living room? Pinterest has wonderful ideas for creating a warm and welcoming living space for you and your family. You’ll find the latest color palettes, furniture styles and placement tips that you can use to create your own space. Do you want to make your television a focal point or hide it from view? Check out the TVLiftCabinet Pinterest board for some great ideas to refresh your entertainment space. 

Looking for creative ways to hide your television in plain sight? Perhaps a TVMirror is in your future. How about a way to divide your space without taking up too much room? You might also want to look at some of the four-sided cabinet options.  You can place the cabinet anywhere in a space and it will look great from every angle. Then, when you’re ready to watch TV – whether it’s from the dining room or living room space, simply swivel the television to the optimum viewing angle for you and your guests.

Do you want to know how TVLifts really work? Watch these short videos and discover how the TVLift mechanisms work – and why it’s important to make sure you have only the best equipment in your beautiful cabinet.

It has never been easier to find design solutions for your home. Whether you’re planning to add a TVLift Cabinet to you home or some other furnishings, be sure to head over to Pinterest for inspiration.