Having a TV is not a problem, but keeping it safe is definitely an issue, especially with a baby around.  Babies are curious little beings who enjoy going on discoveries and adventures that often end up as misadventures and accidents.  Why do you need to baby-proof the TV? A 2020 report stated that 11,000 children were injured in furniture and TV tip-over-related accidents each year. Babies aren’t very good at balancing and will try to clutch anything that they think can save them from falling. In the process, the child falls, but ill-placed heavy furniture or the TV falls onto them as well, complicating matters tremendously. That makes TV and baby security a matter of high priority. What is a  hidden TV lift cabinet? hidden TV lift cabinet is a cabinet that contains a pop-up lift mechanism on which the TV is installed. The mechanism can lift the TV out of the cabinet or hide it in the cabinet.  How does a hidden TV lift cabinet help?
  1. hidden TV lift cabinet is a cabinet that houses the TV. It is not flimsily built, has its own weight, and is well-balanced. The hidden TV lift cabinet keeps the TV hidden from curious eyes and hands and pops up only when the TV is in use. Also, since the cabinet itself is sturdy, even when the TV is in use, the center of gravity is well-aligned and will not let the set-up topple over. 
  2. Yet another advantage of a hidden TV lift cabinet is that you can place the TV accessories and other related gadgets securely inside the cabinet. That way, the lights on the devices are not visible to babies and they will not try to grab the electronics. (The hidden TV lift cabinet’s inbuilt infra-red will let you control the devices even when they are hidden from sight.) So, your electronics are safe too!
  3. Also, a hidden TV lift cabinet works extremely well to keep wires under control. Wire management holes are provided on the floor of the cabinet and on the back as well. Babies won’t have any wires to tug at, or even worse, chew on. Nothing gets tangled or ruined. 
Whether you want to baby-proof your TV or TV-proof your kid, a hidden TV lift cabinet is the best solution either way!