Unsure about how to install and mount a TV lift mechanism on the wall and build a TV lift cabinet? Here’s a quick DIY video tutorial, by Ken from Moonpie Creations, complete with details and handy tips.  Ken decided to put the TV lift mechanism on the wall and then placed the TV lift cabinet above it to cover up the TV lift mechanism and the TV. The results are impressive and there for you to see.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-PKwBJa7C0[/embed] Some advantages of getting the TV lift mechanism and TV lift cabinet on the wall:
  1. Saves room- When your TV is going up on the wall, it is obviously freeing up floor space. Also, where Ken put it, it is totally out of the way, leaving enough room on the walls for other artistic displays. So, no cluttered floor space or bare walls.
  2. Saves material and labor- Since the TV lift mechanism is going up on the wall, there is no need to make the rear face of the TV lift cabinet. It is unnecessary and won’t be seen anyway. So, that’s an entire face that you don’t need to cut, sand, stain, or work on.
  3. Comfortable viewing angle- Nothing gets in the way when you’re watching TV. Also, the TV lift mechanism comes with a 15-degree tilt, that gives you a comfortable viewing angle.
A TV lift mechanism is an extremely versatile piece of technology that you can use in a variety of projects. Check out the other ideas on our blog.