A healthy lifestyle begins at home, with your furniture and decor. Surprised? Well, if you want to lead a healthy life, the interior decor of your home has to be in line with your circadian rhythm.

What is circadian rhythm?

It’s the internal body clock that regulates our sleep and wake-up timings every single day.

Why is circadian rhythm so important?

Humans (and even animals) come with the circadian rhythm as the default setting. Basically, we are born with it. So, messing up the circadian rhythm can lead to tons of health issues. That’ll lead to malfunctioning, which is why we need to pay attention to our circadian rhythm.

How is home decor connected to it?

The normal human circadian rhythm gets us sleepy at night and awake in the morning. We need to have the home decor done up in a way that helps us stick to our natural rhythm.

What can we do?

1. Turn off/cover the tiny lights

The tiny light from regular appliances/gadgets is enough to bother your circadian rhythm. You need to either unplug the appliances or at least cover the LED indicators. The most annoying light often comes from the TV. Simple solution- get a hidden TV lift cabinet and put the entire TV away with one touch of a remote. More on the hidden TV lift cabinet coming up.

2. House your TV in a hidden TV lift cabinet

Excessive screen time and continuous background noise are known to interfere with the quality of sleep. Placing your TV in a hidden TV lift cabinet can help you fight the urge to leave the TV on in the background. The hidden TV lift cabinet will also discourage children from getting addicted to the screen. The better the sleep everyone gets, the more productive they will be!

3. Use warm light in the bedroom

The bedroom is your calm space. White light is unnatural, which is why it should be completely avoided in the bedroom, especially at night. On the other hand, warm light mimics the rays of the sun and has a positive effect on the body.

4. Use light-blocking curtains

Make sure you block out all light coming in from outside. You could use layers of curtains. Whatever your window treatment is, it should let in enough sunlight during the day and be able to block out external light at night.

These are a few basic pointers. There is a ton of information available on circadian lighting online. Read on, and change your life!