Do you love ship lap but aren't sure how to use it in your living room decor? We've got some trendy ideas lined up for  you. 


  1. Shiplap wall- You could choose to do up an entire wall using shiplap panels. Factually speaking, shiplap is known to make the room look bigger and more spacious. Who doesn't like that? It is a great way of adding texture to the space, but an entire wall maybe just a little too much of texture. 
  2. Shiplap ceiling- Shiplap ceiling is a good option if you want to use shiplap in your home decor, but do not want to be overwhelmed by it. As with a shiplap wall, a shiplap ceiling too makes the space look bigger in a particular direction, depending on how the panels have been installed. In any case, the optical illusion will only make the space look roomier. 
  3. Shiplap kitchen island- A shiplap kitchen cabinet is a cool idea, but it can only be installed in the kitchen. Duh! It works well with all sorts of decor styles. So, a shiplap kitchen island is an option to consider if you have modern, traditional, bohemian, or even Scandinavian decor. One thing is for sure- the shiplap island won’t be at sea! 
  4. Shiplap hidden TV lift cabinet- A shiplap hidden TV lift cabinet solves the problem of having shiplap only in one room. The most amazing thing about a hidden TV lift cabinet is that you can wheel it to any part of your home. What's even better is that our shiplap hidden TV lift cabinet is an outdoor hidden TV lift cabinet model. Of course, you can place it indoors too. So, you can effectively take the rich shiplap texture just about anywhere within your home,  and even outside. All you need is a hidden TV lift cabinet from We have the shiplap hidden TV lift cabinet available in five beautiful finishes- sand shade, charcoal, nutmeg, classic white, and mocha brown. 

We have tons of home decor ideas lined up. Stay tuned!

(And happy decorating!)