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Dissecting TV Lifts: How Do They Work

TV lifts comes in varying shapes and sizes but the function of the lift stays the same. The lift is designed to raise and lower the TV. If TV lift is within cabinet the lift is designed to raise the TV with a press of a button and lower it back down within cabinet. If the lift is dropping down from the ceiling it works in reverse motion. The lift lowers down to viewing position and rises back into ceiling when not in use.

Most lifts come with a RF remote control to operate the lift remotely. In the event that lift owner loses remote, lifts are usually designed with a backup way to manually operate lift. The lifts will have manual operational buttons to raise, lower and stop lift, along with an on/off switch.

Lift mechanisms come in varying sizes to support TVs from 23” up to 70”. It is important to check the weight capacity that the lift will support and also to check the maximum TV height the lift will accommodate. Usually lift machines have a vertical and horizontal mounting bracket design. The vertical bar can be adjusted to height of TV and the horizontal bar adjusts to line up with the mounting holes on back of TV. If TV is under maximum height dimension of vertical bar and under the weight requirement, then the lift will work for TV.

In the past couple years, lift machines have advanced in design and are now able to swivel. Swivel machines that pop out of cabinet are either designed with lid riding on top of TV or the lid clips into place onto swivel machine behind TV before swiveling. Lifts are also being designed with built-in 12 volt trigger for Infrared set up.

With so many lift options available, it is important to understand how the lift works. Always find out the height and width dimensions of lift to make sure TV will fit. Also make sure lift can support weight of TV. Finally, check customer reviews on lift to get honest feedback on how lift performs.