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How to Choose the Best TV Lift Cabinet for Your Home

There a several things that must be considered when selecting a TV lift cabinet for your home. What style or look are you trying to achieve for the space (modern, traditional, transitional)? Where will the cabinet be placed? How much storage do you need in the cabinet? Each of these questions must be answered to ensure you are making the right choice that will meet all your needs.

TV lift cabinets are available in a wide variety designs so there will surely be a cabinet that suits your taste. Traditional cabinets often feature intricate molding or inlays while modern cabinets flaunt clean lines and a more simple design. Once you have determined which style to focus on, consider where the cabinet will be placed.

Placement of the cabinet is very important. Will it be at the foot of your bed or against the wall? TV lift cabinets also make great room dividers. If the back of the cabinet will be visible, consider a cabinet that is finished on all four sides. Cabinets finished on all four sides are often called ‘foot of the bed’ cabinets as this is their typical placement. Cabinets that are not finished on all four sides, that is to say that the back is unfinished, are meant to be placed against the wall.

Another important consideration is how much storage you need in the cabinet. Will you simply be storing your cable box and DVD player along with your TV or do you have DVDs, books or other items that you would like to hide away? TV lift cabinets can offer a little or a lot of storage, the choice is up to you. Foot of the bed cabinets tend to be smaller than their against the wall counterparts, usually only offering storage for your AV components. Against the wall cabinets can have shelves or drawers, offering up plenty of space to store household items and add organization to the room.

Now that you know exactly what you need in your TV lift cabinet, the choice should be easy to find the perfect cabinet to meet your needs.