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TV Lift Cabinets versus TV Stands: Considerations for the Smart Shopper

So you have this gorgeous flatscreen or plasma TV and you need to find a home within your home for it. Mounting it directly on the wall may be out of the question, either due to the considerable difficulty involved with installation, or simply because there isn’t the space - you don't want the entire room focused around your TV.

Now, you’re debating between a TV stand or a lift cabinet.

A TV stand may appear a simple way to go, but you may be concerned about leaving your TV exposed to dust and damage. You may not be able to fit another piece of furniture into an already-crowded room. Or perhaps the visible tangle of wires is objectionable.

An aesthetic and practical alternative may be a TV lift cabinet.

A TV lift cabinet has the look, feel, and functionality of a TV cabinet while taking up minimal space. When you're not watching television, your flat screen or plasma television fits inside the lift cabinet - free from dust and damage. When you're ready to watch TV, just push a button - and your TV rises out of the cabinet.

The space-saving advantage to a TV lift cabinet is that it can double as an elegant dresser, desk, armoire, or end-of-bed chest. This can be a huge plus for those rooms where space is tight.

A TV lift cabinet can offer an eye-pleasing, practical alternative to the traditional TV stand, serving both functional and decorative considerations. Compare for yourself and see what you think!

Installation Fast and easy - no need for a technician Assembly required
Ease of Use Your TV slides up for viewing, but remains hidden when not in use Your TV collects dust and takes up space
Maintenance Your TV lift cabinet protects your television when not in use. Your TV is exposed to dust and damage
Wiring Discreetly hidden from view Exposed and difficult to conceal

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