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TV Lift Cabinets for Every Room

Designers face a constant challenge with today’s modern family. How is one to incorporate the TV in the design of the room? It used to be just one TV in the family room, but now most American households have more than one TV. This adds another design challenge for the Interior Designer. Now they must hide or blend the TV into not just the family room, but also the bedroom, kitchen, and study. These designers are turning to TV lift cabinets to help them with this constant headache.

TV lift cabinets can be used in every room. These wooden cabinets come in varying sizes from small to extra large. Smaller cabinets are finished on all four sides and nicknamed the “foot-of-the-bed” cabinets. Since the cabinets are finished on all four sides, the cabinets are great for the end of the bed. The backside of the cabinet is meant to be displayed. These TV lift cabinets can also be used against a wall or free standing within a large room.

Larger TV lift cabinets are typically used within family rooms or large great rooms. These cabinets usually come with plenty of storage compartments within the front of cabinet with TV shaft in back. Larger TV lift cabinets are usually placed against a wall. For this reason, larger cabinets are designed with an open backside. The divider wall separates storage area from TV shaft. However, the backside opening up to TV shaft usually is exposed. Manufacturers do this for two reasons - ventilation and easy accessibility to lift machine.

TV lift cabinets are also offered in a wide range of stained finishes from more traditional colors like Mahogany and cherry to more contemporary colors like mocha and black. These cabinets are offered in a surprising wide selection of design styles. There are traditional cabinets, modern contemporary cabinets, eclectic trunk collection cabinets, Asian influenced and even French country cabinets. This wide selection of wood stains and sizes truly gives designers the design solution to conceal the TV within any room.