If you are a follower of the philosophy of Feng Shui, which says that everything in your home, or office or personal living space has either a positive or negative impact, you may be pleased to learn how a TV lift cabinet will give your home a more positive feel.

So where does your TV fit into the practice of Feng Shui? Although the TV itself can be a quality source of educational information or a way to watch action-packed dramas, a TV that can be quietly stored out of sight in a pop-up TV lift cabinet can certainly improve the positive impact of Feng Shui in your home.

Some firm believers of Feng Shui suggest that no one ever place a TV in their bedroom, but what if that TV is tucked neatly into a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet? Most Feng Shui experts agree that putting a TV in a closed cabinet before falling asleep will minimize the negative impact of a TV in the bedroom.

Feng Shui also suggests that no one watch TV while eating dinner. While this seems like sound advice, it’s possible to still keep a TV in the kitchen to watch your favorite cooking shows. Many of ImportAdvantage’s foot of the bed TV lift cabinet models fit perfectly in smaller kitchens and can be tucked away during dinner.

TVs placed in living rooms seem to please most followers of Feng Shui. The living room is a place where families come together to watch movies and programs. And the best place to put your TV in your living room is in any one of the fine ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets.