Though not all TV-viewing is bad for children, as long as the amount is properly moderated, you may want to make it easier to limit the amount of TV your children watch. And ImportAdvantage can help! Children sometimes want what they see others have – it happens with everything from candy to a friend’s teddy bear. It’s a natural reaction to desire what we see is available. So the ImportAdvantage solution to limiting TV-watching is simply hiding the TV in a beautiful, handcrafted TV lift cabinet! What better way to avoid a tearful situation of saying no to TV-time than keeping the TV out-of-sight and out-of-mind? Imagine being able to put a TV in the kids’ playroom without having them beg every minute to watch their favorite shows. Especially with one of our smaller foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, you can house a TV in a playroom without it being the center of attention. When you are ready to show a movie or educational program, just pop-up the TV and hit “Play.” When it’s time for homework, dinner or family time, just press a button on the included remote control and the TV is quietly and quickly lowered into a beautiful wood cabinet.