Technorati: 5ZG58F3JGMST There are many statistics out there trying to find fault with TV viewing, especially for young children, but according to, owned by Nemours, TV-watching in moderation can actually be a good thing. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that no kids under the age of 2 should be watching any TV and kids older than 2 should limit their TV-watching to one or two hours a day of quality programming. As the first two years of a child’s life is considered a very critical time for learning, the emphasis on TV-watching at this stage is certainly on the educational value of the programming, not the entertainment value. However, children’s advocates have long been divided when it comes to finding the right solution for how much TV a child should watch as they continue to develop. It’s always best to leave the decision up to the child’s parents. Whether for fun or for learning, watching a TV housed on a TV lift cabinet by ImportAdvantage will be an exciting experience. Plus parents will rest assured that their child is safe from the chance of their TV tipping over, thanks to the stability of our pop-up TV cabinets. A TV lift cabinet is simple, safe and ensures everyone can have a good time while watching television, even in moderation.