Buying a new plasma flat-screen TV is a significant investment, and everyone wants to make the right choice. Perhaps you’re shopping for a new plasma TV to go inside a new TV lift cabinet, so you want one that will be just as feature-packed and reliable. You also want one that will fit on your TV lift. Below is a list of the best 42” plasma TVs available on the market today, just in time for last-minute Christmas gifts. And all these TVs will fit on an Uplift TV lift mechanism (excluding the Uplift 2700). Based on price, quality and value, these 42” plasma TVs are sure to please both the eye and the wallet. At the top of the list is Panasonic’s TC-P42S2. This stellar Viera plasma screen features the new NEO plasma display panel with improved blacks and a contrast ratio of 40,000:1. It even has a special gaming mode to handle the latest graphics in today’s top games! All this for under $700. The Panasonic TC-P42C2 is a budget-priced plasma TV in the C2 series, which focuses on using a 720p resolution panel that still offers great contrast and a stunning display, but for much less money. This model can generally be found for under $500. Another great model is the LG 42PJ350, which features a slim 2” case and an Intelligent Sensor, which adjusts the brightness of the display to match the brightness and color temperature of the room’s lighting. These TVs, too, can be found for less than $500. Check these TVs out today and let us know what you think!