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Boxee, a small box or computer program that makes Internet media and movies available for viewing on your television, will be making HD movie-watching a possibility in its next firmware update, say company representatives.

With either an actual Boxee (pictured above from the back side) device or by installing the Boxee software on a laptop computer and hooking that up to your television, Boxee already gives its customer access to more than 40,000 TV show episodes and movie- and sports-streaming capabilities from partners like the MLB, Netflix, NHL, Pandora and Vudu. It is through Vudu’s services, however, that customers will be able to soon watch HD-enabled movies.

The firmware update will come out automatically, but customers can also install the update manually by going to (Settings > System > Update). Other Boxee updates in this install include support for language selection in subtitle/audio, enhancements to its Browser performance and the Browser opening in a lower resolution to allow easier reading of text.

Vudu’s services boast the most HD movies available for streaming in 1080p HD quality, as well as Dolby surround sound and HDX (similar to Blu-ray). Vudu has also started offering 3D movies, but no word yet if Boxee will be able to offer those titles just yet. Vudu was recently acquired by Wal-Mart, so expect competitive pricing from the company for its services. One of Vudu’s unique features is that there is no monthly fee or contract, as its movies are available for “rent” and customers pick the individuals title they want to watch that evening.

The Boxee can play a variety of video formats, including Adobe Flash 10.1, MPEG-4 and VC-1. It can also display JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF images. Makers of the Boxee say it is intended to be a social movie watching experience, and that is why users set up a Boxee account and can share select information with friends or set up multiple accounts for different family members in the same household (such as favorite apps, social networks, etc.).

Just between us, though, between the laptop computer version of Boxee and an actual Boxee box, the box may be better suited for a closed TV lift cabinet door because of Boxee’s unique remote control with QWERTY keyboard and simple controls.

Do you own a Boxee or use Vudu? Let us and others know how they work in your TV lift cabinet.