[caption id="attachment_871" align="alignright" width="331" caption="ScentScape"]ScentScape[/caption] Charlie’s fictional trip to the Chocolate Factory may soon be a modern day reality, at least in part. ScentSciences has developed and is about to release ScentScape, a small device that produces smells in conjunction with playing video games. Now you can totally immerse yourself in sight, sound and smell while playing video games in front of your TV lift cabinet. The ScentScape can emit 20 different customizable scents, but each one must be programmed via the ScentEditor to its accompanying game. The editing program also allows users to create custom scents and share them with friends. The ScentScape will also work with PC-based video games and it can supposedly be adapted to home videos. But what smells would you pick for a YouTube video? The possibilities are endless. In any case, as the home theater continues to be a focal point in many family rooms, the ScentScape seems to add to complete realism and total immersion in the entertainment industry. It’s as if 3-D can soon be coupled with 3-Senses (sight, sound, smell). Hopefully, we’re a long way away from integrating the sense of touch in 3-D movies, but who knows?