Hi everyone!  Recently we have received quite a few inquiries from our friendly neighbors up north asking us the following questions:

1.)    Do you ship to Canada?

2.)    If so, what is the cost of shipping?

3.)    Are duty and brokerage fees included?

4.)    How long does it take to deliver my TV lift cabinet?

I must confess, while the information can be located on our site, it is not the easiest to find.  I have decided to share our Canadian Shipping Policy with you all here.

Yes, we do ship to Canada.  However, shipping is not free.  If you live within 50 miles of these cities listed below you will be charged $499 extra during check out for TV lift cabinets and $250 for the lift machines.

Within 50 miles of these cities:

  • Calgary

  • Vancouver

  • Toronto

  • Ottawa

  • Montreal

  • Edmonton

Additional charges will be applied if you live beyond 50 miles of these major cities. GST, duty and brokerage fees are all included in your purchase price for all orders shipped to Canada. All paperwork is handled by ImportAdvantage, and the GST will be remitted on your behalf to the Canadian government.  The average Canadian delivery time takes between 10-14 business days.  The increase in transit time is due to customs clearance and the additional distance for our warehouse to your home.

We hope this helps answer your questions.  If you need further assistance, please call or email us.  We are happy to assist.