The strongest radiation storm since 2005 is currently underway on the sun. The storm is being carefully monitored by NASA and several other observatories.  A solar flare from the storm reached Earth this morning at 9am with more radiation expected to bombard Earth’s magnetic field over the course of January 24-25. What can you expect from the storm? If you live in the far north or south, expect to see more vibrant displays of the northern and southern lights. Intense light shows have already been observed over Northern England and Scotland. Radiation from the solar storm is expected to interfere with satellites. Whether or not it will affect TV broadcasts to your TV lift cabinet remains to be seen. However, communications and power grid interruptions are a common result of these storms. Solar flares can also be harmful to astronauts. NASA announced today that the astronauts currently in the International Space Station are not in danger. On Earth, polar flights have been grounded as a precaution. A large flare erupted from the sun on Sunday. This flare was rated an M-9, which is just shy of the most powerful type of solar storm. The flare was the beginning of the solar storm, which in its entirety, has been rated only a 3 out of 5. According to, the sun’s activity works on an 11 year cycle with a “solar maximum” expected in 2013.