Samsung just unveiled its latest 5th generation Smart TV at a press conference in NY 24 hours before Apple was to announce their latest innovations. The new Samsung Smart TV, which will work beautifully within a TV lift cabinet, has all the latest user interface technology.  The Smart TV allows the user to operate TV using their voice, hands, or face.

How does each work?  The voice command is programmed to recognize your voice.  Simply tell TV to “open Skype app” and the TV will open Skype onto the screen. For users who wish to be remote free, they can gesture with hands to operate the TV. They can wave hand over an app and squeeze hand to click on the app desired.  This will open up app. The Smart TV can also setup individual user profiles for each family member and store profiles in the TV’s memory.  The family member can activate their profile with their face.  The family member simply stands in front of TV, lets the TV scan face, and voila!  The family member’s profile appears with favorite apps ready to go.

This smart technology will be offered in Samsung’s LED edge-lit ES8000 LCD series this month starting at $5,099 for 65” TV and priced as low as $2,999 for 46” TV.  Samsung’s perfect timing of its release of this Smart TV in front a room full of reporters, has definitely made it impossible for another company to claim “prior use” on these features.  While everyone was focused on Apple, Samsung quietly was able to sneak in and steal the show.  Samsung = 1, Apple = 0.