My husband would love to have everything in our home attached to his remote control. Getting up [caption id="attachment_3831" align="alignright" width="238"]TV Lift Cabinet Nick Ferry's Finished Cabinet[/caption] and messing with the television controls just isn’t necessary in a world with automatic cars. Right? Well, the jury is still out on the auto cars, but if there’s a way to make television viewing easier, I’m all for it (because it makes MY life easier, too). So, if you have a flat screen television and a beautiful entertainment cabinet, you can easily add an electronic lift function to your cabinet with a TV Lift mechanism from TVLiftCabinet. The company provides uplift motorized TV lift series for furniture companies and individuals who want to convert their cabinets into TVLiftCabinets. The mechanisms are easy to set up. You television snaps into the lift mechanism with two bolts. Check out how woodworker Nick Ferry built his own TV Lift Cabinet using one of these lifts! Safety is key to the lift mechanisms. Built-in pressure sensors immediately stops movement to protect pinching hands and fingers. No worries about little fingers getting into the wrong place. Plus the electronics are completely protected. Every lift mechanism comes fully assembles with built-in surge and thermal overload protection. TVLiftCabinet has designed TV lift mechanisms for motor homes, furniture makers, architects, yachts and tiny homes. Now, you can purchase the lift technology that the pros use. Check it out today.