These days, you can’t turn around without seeing or hearing about tiny houses. There are new shows on HGTV, new websites and blogs and are tiny houses are popping up in virtually every town in America. I live in a small town in Wisconsin and there are now six tiny houses on the edge of town, ready to rent out. The impetus for the movement: people choosing to downsize their home space. The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet; a tiny house is between 200 and 400 square feet. There are many reasons people are taking a hard look at tiny homes, including:
  • Environmental concerns
  • Financial concerns
  • More quality time
  • Freedom
Whatever the reason people are heading for smaller spaces, each inch of a tiny home has a purpose. I had to chuckle when I watched an episode of Tiny House Hunters the other day. One couple wanted to declutter their lives and have more freedom to travel. But one thing the husband refused to part with was his flatscreen television. The size of the space and the TV limited options for them, but he wasn’t budging. His wife kept rolling her eyes. Part of me wondered if they were really ready for a tiny home, but that’s a different kind of show. Too bad he didn’t know about the great TVMirrors that are available from TVLiftCabinet. That would have solved his problem on the spot. Every home has a mirror (sizes vary, of course). Even tiny houses need mirrors. Everything you need (and one thing you really, really want). Talk about win/win.