It’s happening: lists with the best gifts of 2017 are all over the internet. It’s not too late to plan for the big days ahead.  One thing I know for sure, my husband and sons are pretty laid back and just wouldn’t appreciate things like ties, electronic gadgets or clothes. They prefer things they can use regularly – and have function in their lives. One thing they all enjoy is watching television. If they could watch it from every room in the house, that would be a great option. In fact, the first thing my husband does when he enters the house is turn on a television set. He doesn’t much care what’s on (except for football, baseball and golf). I’m kidding. He does care - a lot. This year, I’m thinking about ways to make his life a little easier (which always makes my life easier). We’re planning to retire in a few years, so I’m looking for things that are transportable that won’t require a lot of special electronic gadgets. Bingo. A TVMirror for the bedroom. When the TV is in the off position, it appears as a decorative framed wall mirror blending effortlessly into a room. When turned on, the TV is fully functional, smart TV. They come in a wide variety of sizes, they’re easy to transport from place to place and mount easily on any wall. So, if you have television-loving men in your life, it may be time to get a little creative and get them something they’ll enjoy for years to come. TVMirrors are just the ticket for the best gift this year.