One of my favorite television shows is House Hunters. I enjoy seeing all the different home styles and furnishings. And while the hunters don’t always agree on what they’re looking for, nine times out of ten, it seems that people want both a traditional design with modern conveniences. That’s why I’m so excited to share the newest TV Lift System from TVLiftCabinet: the Linton. The crisp, white-finished cabinet offers superior quality with an eco-friendly and scratch-resistant coat. It’s traditional and modern at the same time. But, there’s more. Large brushed nickel bar pulls highlight the sleekness of the cabinet, while its insightful design is finished on all four sides. That means that you can place the Linton TVLiftCabinet anywhere and everywhere you want in your home for perfect viewing every time. The built-in electronics tray allows for three pieces of electronic equipment to travel seamlessly up and down with your television set. And the best part? It moves in a near-silent fashion. The new Linton is perfect in any home or office. When in use, it’s provides access to a smartscreen television with accompanying electronics. When it’s not in use, it’s a beautifully styled cabinet, offering the perfect match of traditional and modern styles. Check it out today.