Mirror, mirror on the wall. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do more than just hang there? Well, your wish is our command. If you want a TV that’s a mirror when it’s off, look no further than our TVMirrors. Each one is individually bench made framed mirror televisions. When the TV is on the off position, it’s a beautiful decorative-framed wall mirror that blends effortlessly into your room. When you turn it on, the TV is a fully functional, smart flatscreen television. Everything you stream or do with your current smartscreen TV, you can do with the TVMirror. Then, when you’re done, flip a switch and it magically becomes a mirror again. TVMirrors are especially popular in spaces that are very small and have limited floor space. Think condos, apartments and tiny homes. You can even think about adding a TVMirror to your recreational vehicle – or to any room in your house where a hidden television that looks like a mirror might come in handy. Say, a bedroom or a bathroom? Mirror TVs come in many sizes, from 32” to 65” – so you can have the exact size you want. The TVMirrors ship completely assembled, and include a specialized slim wall mount bracket so you can hang it easily and quickly. Check it out today.