None of us really thought much of the home office until 2020 made us all give it a serious thought. To many, the home office is the dining table, the couch, or even the bed, but given the number of work hours, none of these spots is recommended. You need a setup that works for your health, while you are at work.  Here are a few changes or upgrades that can help make work more pleasant and life easier. 
  1.  Ergonomic chair- Get off the couch and get yourself an ergonomic chair. Obviously you will need to pair it with a table and that will straighten things out for you on the health front. An ergonomic chair helps retain the normal alignment of the body, and so reduces stress build up in the shoulders and back. If you can avoid pain and improve your average workday, why not?
  2. Ergonomic keyboard- With most of us extensively using computers and  laptops, there is a fair deal of typing involved. Continuous pressure build up on the median nerve in the wrist leads to the Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is when you start feeling serious discomfort, pain, tingling, numbness and even a burning sensation around your wrist, the palm of your hand and fingers. It interferes with work and drastically reduces productivity. Evidently, precaution is better than cure. Why get to that stage when you can easily avoid it by switching to an ergonomic keyboard? It ensures that your wrists are comfortably positioned, and even promotes a good sitting posture, saving you from pain in more than just one way.
  3. Good quality Bluetooth speaker- Work can get drab, and many people use music to soothe away the work blues. But that is not the only reason we recommend that you buy a good quality Bluetooth speaker.  It is also to help you with your Zoom calls, for both listening and speaking purposes.  A great speaker can dramatically increase the quality of the audio on remote calls, so you don’t have to stress over missing out on any important details. And when your voice reaches others clearly, there are lesser chances of miscommunication. It is a win-win both ways.
  4. A wall planner or flannel board- It is rather easy to forget things, which is why we depend on reminders. But reminders on the phone don’t seem to help either, because at times we’re so flooded with these digital reminders that we tend to miss out on one to-do or another. Experience indicates that having a wall planner or a flannel board to put up your reminders on, works quite well, because it is right out there, in front of you all the time. More the visual eye sore,  the greater are the chances of  the task getting done. 
  5. A hidden TV lift cabinet- If you are using your living room or even your bedroom as your work spot, the TV can be a huge distraction. Whenever you want to stretch a little, or get your eyes off the computer screen, you will end up spotting the TV in the room. Yes, watching TV is relaxing, but it is also what keeps you from getting your work done. The solution? Well, house your TV in a hidden TV lift cabinet. That way you can make it disappear into the hidden TV lift cabinet when you are working, and make it appear only when you are done. And the best part is that our hidden TV lift cabinets come with an automated TV lift mechanism. All you need to do is press a button on the remote to operate the cabinet, without even having to open the doors. Also, hiding the TV will give your space a more official feel and set the right mood for some seriously productive work. 
You could use all these tips, or even some of them to improve the quality of your life. Think of it as long term gains. You could even add them to your annual Christmas gift list, since each of these things makes an awesome buy that will get you tons of blessings!