Furniture shopping is an important part of everyone’s lives. We plan for it, look forward to it, and in all our excitement often get carried away too, and regret it later! Here are 4 common mistakes people make (that you can avoid) while furniture shopping :
  1. Do not splurge on exclusively trendy furniture- It is extremely tempting to buy trendy furniture because you see it everywhere and it looks good too, but if it's trending like a rage,  it will also go ‘out’ of style sometime. So, if all your furniture is trendy, chances are that when it goes out of trend you will have to replace everything, which will be expensive in two ways- first, while buying it and second, while upgrading or replacing it all at once. So, the best way to deal with this is to buy a mix of trendy and evergreen furniture,  like teaming up trendy floral couches with a subtle hidden TV lift cabinet. Later, when you need to upgrade, you can phase the couches out, while the evergreen hidden TV lift cabinet will continue to hold its ground. The upgrade will be less overwhelming mentally as well as financially. 
  2. Do not order until you know the delivery timeline- Whenever you select a piece of furniture make sure that you check on the delivery time. Sometimes the furniture may not be readily available at the store and might have to be brought in from the warehouse. This can lead to delays and it might get in the way of family get-togethers or festivities like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Ask for the timeline before you place the order so that you are not stuck forever. By the way, 90% of our hidden TV lift cabinets are made in the USA, so we don’t need to wait for international shipments. And yes, we stick to our delivery timelines. 
  3. Do not ignore the delivery cost- When buying furniture, don't just look at the price of the furniture. You also need to consider the delivery costs. Whether you are picking it up yourself or having it delivered, they'll be some costs involved. That should also be part of your final expenses. Free delivery is one of the reasons why people order from one place and not another. For example, our customers are thrilled about the free in-home shipping of all our hidden TV lift cabinets. You know what you need to pay upfront. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.
  4. Do not rush order- Fight the temptation to order furniture as soon as you spot something you like. Give it some time. Plan your purchases. Take the time to do some market research, check for store reviews, and try to visualize it in your home. If you can, wait for Memorial Day or Labor Day sales. Who doesn't like saving money?
Each time something catches your fancy, close your eyes, and think of these points. Then, take a deep breath and go make an informed buy that you won’t regret later.  Happy Shopping!