TV Lift Cabinets Provide Form and Function

TV lift cabinets are beautifully hand crafted out of select hardwoods ranging from mahogany to oak. Each TV lift cabinet is designed with the end user in mind. The TV lift cabinet is functional and beautiful.

TV lift cabinets are extremely functional allowing cabinet owner’s to conceal TVs within cabinet cavity. The lift mechanism within each cabinet is constructed to support the household TV. In some cases, lifts are built to support the TV and electronics. The lift can be raised, revealing TV and electronics when family wishes to watch TV.

Not only is the cabinet functional, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture. The cabinet’s form can change a room from bland to elegant. The richly curved legs or detailed trim molded doors of a cabinet can draw the eye to the cabinet within a room and create a focal point of interest.

TV lift cabinets are no longer as boxy as they once were. Cabinets are being displayed with rounded doors and curved feet. Lift cabinets are also being built with different materials to add another layer of personality. Leather and brushed steel are being used to cover the wood frame.

With so many more materials and design shapes being used in the construction of TV lift cabinets, each cabinet has now become a form of art. The easily operated lift mechanism within each cabinet also provides ample space to store TV and electronics. The TV lift cabinet is not only esthetically pleasing to the eye, but also a great solution to concealing audio and video equipment.