People are always coming up with cool and unique ways to entertain their guests, and there is no shortage of great outdoor bar and grills in people’s backyards. Now your backyard can be even more eye-catching with a custom TV lift cabinet that uses an ImportAdvantage Uplift TV mechanism.

Imagine watching NFL on an autumn Sunday afternoon while grilling burgers and drinking a cold beverage. Carpenters love working with our quiet and reliable Uplift mechanisms for all kinds of unique projects. Now you can dream up your ultimate backyard “tailgating party,” or provide some extra entertainment for your houseguests by impressing them with an outdoor flat-screen TV lift cabinet.

If you’re worried about cold weather in your area, people who have already built their dream TV lift cabinet made theirs small and portable (resembling our foot of the bed TV lift cabinets) so they could move the TV inside but still view it through a picture window or sliding glass doors.

Have you ever considered having a custom TV lift cabinet built for your home? Tell us about your grand plans!