Although ImportAdvantage’s line of fine, handcrafted TV lift cabinets are incredibly stylish and affordable (due to factory-direct pricing), sometimes our customers, especially carpenters, are more interested in purchasing our super reliable Uplift mechanism so they can build a custom TV lift cabinet for their home. The reasons they prefer ImportAdvantage’s lift mechanisms are plentiful. The Uplift mechanisms ImportAdvantage designs and manufactures are very quiet. Why would anyone want their custom TV lift cabinet to “whir and grind” when it’s displaying their flat-screen television? Carpenters also look for our Uplift mechanisms because they are maintenance-free, easy to install, extremely adaptable for nearly any cabinet style and offer fast extension. The outstanding design of a custom TV lift cabinet by a talented carpenter should be the primary focus of the furniture, not a malfunctioning, loud lift mechanism, and ImportAdvantage is pleased to offer the best TV lift mechanism in the industry. And don’t just take our word for it; check out the positive reviews our TV lift mechanisms have received.