[caption id="attachment_349" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Livingston TV Lift Cabinet"]Livingston TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet offers a unique design among pop-up TV cabinets because of its simple, elegant shelf system beside two hardwood cabinet doors. Giving it length and a traditional look, this tobacco-finished hardwood cabinet is perfectly suited for placement against any wall in your home.

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet adorns brushed nickel octagonal hardware for its cabinetry fixtures and will conveniently hold a TV measuring up to 53” wide. The bookcase shelves adjust easily and offer ample storage for media players, books, videos or your collectibles.

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet is fully ventilated and the TV lift mechanism comes pre-installed. The TV lift cabinet also includes on-board, surge-protected power for your TV and two additional media players or components.

If you are seeking elegance delivered with simplicity, look no further than the Livingston TV Lift Cabinet. Check it out today!