Savvy shoppers are already aware that this year’s Black Friday and shopping season will bring much lower prices on plasma flat screen televisions (If you didn’t realize this, see our recent post on this topic!). But did you know that instead of waiting to buy your dream plasma flat screen, and buying your dream TV lift cabinet first, you’ll be able to match your new TV to your TV lift cabinet? ImportAdvantage has a full-featured and easy-to-read Measurement Guide available for our entire line of pop-up TV cabinets, so by getting your TV lift cabinet first, you have an even better reason to upgrade your TV! ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can hold a flat screen TV up to 60” wide (see the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet), so just about any TV can rest in a quiet and dependable pop-up TV cabinet. The hardest decision may just be which of the unique designs best suits your home. From eye-catching centerpieces to slimmer foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, there is no doubt that you will find the right one for your new, upgraded TV before the holiday shopping season has begun!