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Measurement Guide

  1. How to Measure TV Size for Cabinet

    Did you know a 75-inch television isn't really 75 inches wide? The size is really the diagonal screen measurement from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right corner of the screen. So – how do you measure your TV properly if you want to place it in a cabinet? First, get out your tape measurer.  You...
  2. A Tight Squeeze? How You Can Fit Your Media Players in a TV Lift Cabinet

    While we make every effort to build TV lift cabinets that can accommodate a wide variety of media players and wiring, a few combinations of DVD players and surround sound systems may be a tight squeeze in a TV lift cabinet, but don’t worry, we have easy solutions for you. First, double-check the measurements listed for the TV lift cabinet...
  3. What Size TV Lift Cabinet Should I Buy?

    If you might be shopping for a new flat-screen TV and TV lift cabinet this holiday season, you will want to ensure you find the right match. Luckily, ImportAdvantage has made is easy to find the right handcrafted pop-up TV cabinet for your new TV with a convenient Measurement Guide, which you can print and take with you to the...
  4. TV Lift Cabinets Can Give You a Reason to Upgrade Your TV!

    Savvy shoppers are already aware that this year’s Black Friday and shopping season will bring much lower prices on plasma flat screen televisions (If you didn’t realize this, see our recent post on this topic!). But did you know that instead of waiting to buy your dream plasma flat screen, and buying your dream TV lift cabinet first, you’ll be...
  5. Will My TV Fit?

    Are you considering shopping for a new TV and want one that will surely fit in an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet? Or perhaps you already own a Plasma or LCD TV and you are curious which of the pop-up TV cabinets will work with your unit. ImportAdvantage has made the selection process easy by creating a printable Measurement Guide (PDF...

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