In late September, CNN announced that a drastic flat-screen TV price chop is on its way, which means more people will be able to afford a quality LCD flat-screen TV. The drop is due in part to a historically large oversupply of LCD TV panels. Most of the price cuts will come before this year’s holiday shopping season, so be ready to save some serious cash. Early estimates say that the “new” average price of a 32-inch LCD TV will be between $249 and $299 dollars, with some screaming deals floating around at $199. If you’re excited about saving money on a new LCD TV, you will also be excited to know that you can save money on a flat-screen TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage. With factory-direct pricing, customers save an average of 50% off retail prices. By buying direct from ImportAdvantage, you cut out the “middleman,” which puts more money in your pocket. So check out ImportAdvantage’s full line of handcrafted TV lift cabinets and protect your new LCD TV this season.