To better understand how our Infrared Relay System works, it best to first explain the difference between Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) commands.  Radio frequency commands can go through wood.  A garage door opener uses RF commands to open the garage door.  Infrared commands cannot go through wood.  IR commands must have direct line of sight with IR sensor lights.   In order to change channels on a cable box, the remote has to be pointed directly at the cable box sensor light. With most AV electronics operating on IR commands, how is one supposed to operate AV components if hidden within a TV lift cabinet?  The answer to that question is to use the Infrared Relay System. The Infrared Relay System consists of a receiver eye, output flasher lights (known to us as emitters), hub, and transformer power cord.  In each of our storage TV lift consoles, we install a barely visible receiver eye at the front of the cabinet.  Behind the cabinet doors, emitters are already built into the cabinet side walls next to shelves.  Both the emitters and receiver eye all get plugged into the little hub.  The transformer power cord feeds power to the hub which in turn feeds power to connected emitters and receiver eye. How does it work? The receiver eye relays IR commands from TV remote down to the flashing emitters, which in term ping the command to the correct electronic device.  For instance, if user wishes to change channel to station 10, all the user needs to do is point the remote at cabinet.  The receiver eye located in front will relay the command to emitter and the emitter will bounce the command signal to cable box.  The cable box receives command and channel is changed to station 10. The IR Relay System allows console owners the ability to watch television without seeing their electronics.  Electronics can remain hidden at all times.  Simply plug and play!